Numinatus Your spiritual journey personalized for you

Numinatus is your collective for personalized spirituality.

Your spiritual journey is unique to you. You will see, hear, feel, connect with your higher guidance in a way that works for you - it may not be the same as those around you and this is the key to achieving complete oneness. Your unique journey.

Consider your Numinatus family as helpful guides to offer suggestions, support and resources as you choose your own spiritual adventure.


Global Mission and Intention

To support the coherence & spiritual evolution of humanity through the escalation of conscious awareness.

Get Involved

Your Journey Starts with YouChoose how you get involved


Providing simple, free resources to assist in aligning your body, mind and soul.


Gatherings around the world for healers and for those wishing to experience the power of a group healing experience.


Virtual healing communities that meet monthly to support your individual spiritual growth.


Meet a handful of the Numinatus family to support you in each step of your journey


Your personalized spiritual journey. Let us support you as you choose your own adventure.


Healing Sessions, Healing Retreats and Intention gatherings around the world.