Circles Empowerment through mentoring and guidance

Numinatus Healing Circles are your opportunity for guidance and mentoring to enhance and further your new state of being following your Numinatus Personalized Spirituality Retreat.

Crystal Healing Circle Full immersion, support, guidance and mentoring to enhance your spiritual connection, become one with your body mind and soul, and journey into your divinely created future reality

The Crystal Healing Circle is for you if you choose intensive support in your current journey.
Over 3 months, you will connect with your Numinatus team individually to align your physical and non-physical health twice each week. In addition to this completely individual attention, you will experience 2 group healing calls per month, learning the skills and knowledge to allow you to master your mind, emotions and body to truly restore balance and alignment. Full email and Facebook support allows you to maintain the safe, compassionate and completely personalized support through your healing and transitions.

Your Crystal Healing Circle includes:

Twice Monthly Crystal calls to set the focus, direction, strategy and intention for your next phase, with Matt Riemann & Angie Johnsey

Lifetime Membership to Personal Health 360 for aligning your physical health requirements

Weekly individual healing sessions with your powerful Numinatus Luminaries

Weekly individual health coaching from your Numinatus Personal Health Experts

Full integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to align, empower and activate the true you

Unlimited Facebook and Email support for knowledge, understanding, wisdom and navigation and on your personal journey

3 month fully inclusive membership

Diamond Healing Circle Full support and guidance on your personal spiritual journey to enhance your intuition, connection, and move forward with clarity and confidence as you integrate your essence of existence into daily life.

The Diamond Healing Circle is for you when you have reached a point of awareness that allows you to maintain a state of spiritual alignment in daily life.
Connecting with your Numinatus team individually for healing once each month allows to to address issues that may have arisen over the previous weeks, tweak your energetic bodies and continue to expand your spiritual path. Your Physical health is maintained through your annual membership to Personal Health 360 and, in addition to this completely personalized service, 1 group call per month allows you to amplify your connection and grow, adopting new talents and finesse with each session. Add optional extra Healing Sessions or Personal Health Coaching as you like while you continue through your journey.

Your Diamond Healing Circle includes:

Monthly Diamond call to develop your connection, empowering you with information and techniques to equip you for  your next phase

Monthly individual power-healing sessions with your most appropriate Numinatus Luminary determined by your current path and needs

Annual Membership to Personal Health 360 for your physical alignment

Options to personalize your membership further with additional Healing and Personal Health Coaching sessions

Complete 6 month membership

Emerald Leadership Circle Support and guidance as your spiritual leadership emerges

The Emerald Leadership Circle is exclusively for spiritual leaders and those making a needed impact on humanity.
Your Emerald Leadership circle joins together like-minded souls for the intention of raising the conscious awareness of our planet. Monthly healing sessions allow you to maintain the stability and clarity of your connection and purpose and align with subtle nuances of timing and change. Your monthly Mastermind calls bring together powerful energies to enhance your leadership and message, allowing you to clearly forge your energetic and physical path moving forward. Invitations to exclusive personalized healing retreats amongst a selection of humanitarian leaders are a powerful catalyst to ignite or increase momentum in your journey.

Your Emerald Leadership Circle includes:

Monthly Mastermind call to equip you with energetic support for the coming times

Monthly individual power-healing sessions with your most appropriate Numinatus Luminary determined by your current path and needs

Annual Membership to Personal Health 360 for your physical alignment

Full Facebook support

Exclusive Spiritual Retreat Invitations

12 month membership