Global Numinaries

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We are all blessed with many gifts to share with the world, to assist each soul on their journey in this lifetime so they can assist others on theirs. The Global Numinary (formerly Mini-Magicians) program has been created to allow the flow of divine knowledge, insight, wisdom and understanding to those whose time is now to receive, experience, transform and share.

There are 4 main learning avenues in the Global Numinary program, highlighted in the tabs below:

1. Annual learning/experiential curriculum over 12 months

Annual learning/experiential curriculum covering 12 modules over 12 months with 4 contact sessions per month.

Sunday 1: Magic Call
(Magic Manual learning module + follow up worksheets, videos, practical homework)
Sunday 2: Live Magic session
(GN interactive personal session)
Sunday 3: Healing Circles
(Observation, analysis, comparison, learning, integration, test & measure)
Sunday 4: Personal Treatment Session
(Implementing, actioning, developing, consolidating)

2. Learning, Analysis, Integration & Development sessions

Learning, Analysis, Integration & Development

Experience 4 Virtual Healing Calls each month
2 Live Healing & Spirituality Retreats each year with Matt Riemann
4 Live Community Gatherings each year with Matt Riemann
2 Live Virtual Gatherings each year with Matt Riemann

*accepted students must attend all Live events and gatherings above, during the course of their enrolment year

3. Live & Virtual Gatherings

Healing & Spirituality Retreats (7 night, 8 day events in beautiful locations around the world)
Community Gatherings (3 day events)
Virtual Gatherings (1 day events)

4. Live Field Trips

Spiritual Quest
A Spiritual Quest is actively searching for meaning and purpose in life, to become a more self-aware and enlightened person, and to find answers to life's mysteries and 'big questions'. Numinatus believes the best way to learn more about our spiritual nature is through personal experiences. Reading, studying, and searching are definitely valuable to our spiritual growth and understandings, but more is to be gained and understood through full immersion in this supportive spiritual environment.

Location options:
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Mayan civilisations
Sedona/Mt Chasta

The learning and experiential curriculum for the GN resides in the program workbook referred to as The Magic Manual, with learning modules outlined below:

The Magic Manual

Module 1: The Mind

Module 2: Emotional Intelligence

Module 3: Our Physical Vehicle

Module 4: Nature & Nurture

Module 5: Ancient Wisdom & Healing

Module 6: Universal Knowledge

Module 7: The Metaphysical World

Module 8: Extrasensory Experiences

Module 9: Numinatus Energetics

Module 10: Spirituality & Divinity

Module 11: Time & Space

Module 12: The Future of Humanity

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APPLICATIONS FOR 2019 - Almost Full

The next intake for the GN program starts January 6th, 2019 and runs for 12 months (final session on Dec 29th, 2019). Tuition fees for the Global Numinary Transformational School is $50,000.
Payment plans are available if required.

Places are strictly limited and positions are almost completely closed, so if you feel this program resonates strongly with your journey please fill out your application form asap here to avoid disappointment. Applications close July 31st, 2018. Those who miss out for this intake are encouraged to apply for 2020 now.

The GN program is facilitated by Matt Riemann and the incredible Magic Team. For more information about the program, or to request to speak with a current Global Numinary (formerly Mini-Magician) student, please contact us here.


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