Imagine an incredible space where those seeking healing and those with the gift of healing unite. Where healers from all over the world, from all walks of life, come together to facilitate a gathering that allows the heavens to open and the light of the divine to shine directly upon each and every soul as a catalyst to ignite the innate capacity of self healing. Welcome to HealFest, the union of those seeking and those gifted with the power of healing.

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If you are suffering physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually then gift yourself the gift of healing. There are many that walk this earth that are here to help you on your journey, and if you are reading this right now then be aware of the signs that are placed right in front of your eyes - there are no coincidences in this lifetime. Do what you need to do to be here, and receive the healing that is already part of your destiny.

If you are a healer who is here in this life to be of service to others - from any culture, belief, training, or religion - now is your time. We invite you to join us, your fellow humans need you. See the gift in this invitation and the sign that you are fulfilling your purpose in the world. This collective gathering is so so powerful for all involved, and healers get as much if not more healing from this incredible connection of humanity. We can't wait to meet you.

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HealFest is for both healers and those seeking to be healed. It is an open arms invitation for all those who feel they need or want to be here. Please bring those you love and care for in your life who you know need this, maybe even more than what they would know themselves. There will be live workshops from powerful healers and live individual and group healing sessions throughout the weekend. One thing is for sure, everyone will get what they came for!

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HealFest has been created with the intent of integrating magical live experiences with divine intervention. Please see our exciting schedule below:

10am: Welcome & Intro

1030am: Healing Workshop 1: The Mind

1130am: Healing Experience 1: The Mind

1230pm: Lunch break

130pm: Healing Workshop 2: Emotional Intelligence

230pm: Healing Experience 2: Emotional Intelligence

330pm: Connection break

4pm: Group Healing Experience: Mental & Emotional Healing

5pm: Conclude for the day

10am: Welcome & Summary Day 1

1030am: Healing Workshop 3: Physical Body

1130am: Healing Experience 3: Physical Body

1230pm: Lunch break

130pm: Healing Workshop 4: Nature Healing

230pm: Healing Experience 4: Nature Healing

330pm: Connection break

4pm: Group Healing Experience: Physical & Natural Healing

5pm: Conclude for the day

10am: Welcome & Summary Day 2

10am-12pm: Group Healing Experience: Group Prayer & Intention

12pm: Conclude for the day

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Where is it held?

HealFest 2016 will be held amidst the incredible healing energy of Ubud, Bali. This powerful energetic location boasts the integration of ancient cultures, traditions and religions with the modern curiosity and intrigue of natural connection, enlightenment and the divine entrepreneurial spirit. Find out more about Ubud at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubud. For privacy purposes, the exact location of HealFest will be given to you once you apply to attend HealFest. We can't wait to see you there!

When is it?

HealFest runs from Nov 19th to 21st, commencing at 10am and concluding at 5pm local time each day.

Can I invite others?

The intention of HealFest is to gather an unlimited amount of people in the same physical location to facilitate the most powerful of healings that this world has ever seen. We invite you and encourage you to invite as many of your loved ones that will benefit from being in this sacred and divine space for the pure intention of bringing healing to this world. And yes, in future years we will be livestreaming for those that can't attend live in person 😉

What if I want to join the Healing team?

If you are a healer from any culture, religion, background, or training modality and feel called to be of service to the world and those around you please click here to apply to join the healing team we would love to hear from you! We cannot run this festival without the incredible, passionate, heart-centered collective that all come together to turn this dream into a reality, so please join us and invite your fellow healers to join us too!

What if I want to attend to receive Healing?

If you are seeking the gift of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual Healing then please click here to apply to join HealFest and receive the gift of healing. Our incredible team of healers are here on their journeys to assist you on your journey. This is a mutually beneficial exchange of healing that allows everyone to receive what they are needing on their path right now. So please don’t hesitate - come and join us in this safe, protected, powerful healing environment and enjoy the experience of relief, stillness, peace and hope for you on your journey.

How do I get there?

Please visit http://wikitravel.org/en/Ubud for the latest information about travel to and from Bali. We recommend checking websites in your local area for up-to-date travel information and recommendations regarding insurances and protection.

2016 HealFest Day 1 will be held at Damai Family Villa, Jalan Sri Wedari, Ubud. For directions from Ubud central, please click the link here.

Please join us for Day 2 at Lake Batur. Follow the directions from Ubud here.

For updates on the 2016 HealFest please join our Facebook Group here.

What should I bring?

Please bring yourself, an open mind and an open heart. Please also bring your own water and food for lunch, and for snacks throughout the day. Due to the exclusive location, there will be NO food provided during the day, and NO access to food during the festival this year. Please also bring appropriate clothing/attire for sunshine or rain (Bali weather can be unpredictable) and anything else you need to ensure your comfort and warmth throughout the day. Please be aware you are fully responsible for your own medical management and plan accordingly if you are in a state of ill health.

Where do I stay?

HealFest is not involved in, or does not provide any accommodation for the festival. Please visit https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Hotels-g297701-Ubud_Bali-Hotels.html to find suitable accommodation for your circumstances around the Ubud area.


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Please click below to apply to join us in the most incredible space and union of those seeking and those gifted with the power of healing. We hope to see you and your loved ones there soon!

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