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Angie JohnseyAngie Johnsey, RN, is a master practitioner in the healing arts with a focus on energetic medicine and expanding consciousness. After a career in Psychiatric nursing, followed by hypnotherapy, Angie incorporates the power and plasticity of the conscious and subconscious minds into daily life to create meaningful and lasting change in one’s reality. Angie is a regular guest on radio stations and summits around the U.S. and her new book "Expanding The Light Within" is due for release March 2017.

Erin DiedlingErin Diedling, M.Ed., LCPC, SEP is a clinical psychotherapist and founder of Loft Counseling, PC in Chicago. She is a Somatic Experience Practitioner, and somatic touch work therapist, a psycho-biological treatment for trauma and anxiety. She treats complex trauma, early developmental and attachment issues, eating disorders, anxiety, couples, artists and more. In addition, Erin is an intuitive reader/healer and does healing work with clients around the globe.

Linda AndersonLinda Anderson, MT, utilizes emotional release therapies, energy work, past lives, guides and angels to work with the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical body. Linda’s sessions may include chakra clearing and balancing, removing energies that no longer serve or are not yours or energies that are attached to beliefs you wish to release, past lives understanding and healing, grounding work and energetic readings.

Kasia BartnikowskaKasia Bartnikowska, B. Ex. Phys., B. Phyty is a passionate and driven integrative therapist with a focus on bridging the gap between the alternative therapy and the western medical model realms. Kasia uses energetic therapies to facilitate the balance and resetting of your energy, regularly traveling internationally to facilitate healing at Numinatus retreats.

MayaComerotaMaya Comerota is the founder of 528HzInc in Chicago, Illinois.  She specializes in personal and organizational transformation and helping people to reach their full potential by utilizing neuroscience approaches to rewire the brain for new potentials and ways of being.  In addition, Maya is an energetic healer and travels the globe to support her clients in their mental, physical and spiritual transformation.