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Angie JohnseyAngie Johnsey, RN, is a master practitioner in the healing arts with a focus on energetic medicine and expanding consciousness. After a career in Psychiatric nursing, followed by hypnotherapy, Angie applies her knowledge and gifts to guide the power and plasticity of the conscious and subconscious minds in each of her clients. She facilitates a deeply transformational space that allows individuals to create meaningful and lasting change in their daily life and reality. Angie is a regular guest on radio stations and summits around the U.S, and a master healer at international Numinatus retreats.

Linda AndersonLinda Anderson, MT, utilizes emotional release therapies, energy work, past lives, guides and angels to work with the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical body. Linda’s sessions may include chakra clearing and balancing, removing energies that no longer serve or are not yours or energies that are attached to beliefs you wish to release, past lives understanding and healing, grounding work and energetic readings.

Kasia BartnikowskaKasia Bartnikowska, M. Phty St; B. Ex Phys/Sports Sc, is a passionate and driven integrative therapist with a focus on bridging the gap between alternative therapies and the western medical model. Kasia uses energy therapy to facilitate pattern shifts, bring clarity and direction to her client’s spiritual trajectory, and realign the physical body’s musculoskeletal systems. She regularly travels internationally to facilitate healing at Numinatus retreats.

Marz HillMarz Hill is a transformational coach, healer and mentor, with years of experience in the personal development space.  She has training in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development. By assisting you to move forward in life, without the distractions and blocks from the past, sessions with Marz can include emotional release, providing mental clarity, and planning strategic and tangible steps to take in your life. Marz creates a space of insight and vision, enabling you to see and embrace your true mental and spiritual gifts, empowering you to step into and harness your full capacity.


Erin Kyna is a heart centred transformational healer and coach. She enables people to navigate their mind in order to open a space that allows for a deep experience of the heart. Having overcome abuse and drug addiction earlier in her life, she has true empathy for every person.  As she has courageously navigated her own radical life transformation, she knows that this is possible for all her clients. She holds a space of love and safety, existing to bring others to this light. She delivers her healing with conviction and certainty, bringing strength, confidence and inspiration to her clients.