Personalized Healing Retreats

Numinatus retreats boast an amazingly talented team of personal body workers, musculoskeletal therapists, health scientists, energy medicine practitioners and spiritual healers. You will undergo a full 7-night transformation of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self to become aware, open, enlightened and connected – and most satisfyingly feel physically healthy and be at peace with your new healthful body.

You will discover your unique and personal foods, activity, lifestyle and environment to maintain your newfound space, but most importantly understand the true connection between your body, mind and spirit as you re-discover your purpose, passion and inspiration for your life on this earth.

So the question is, are YOU one of those who need this? A full week with the Numinatus team to restore your body, mind and spirit. Register your interest or buy now to secure your position. One thing we can guarantee – places will be filled almost immediately. So if you have tried and failed almost everything then this is what you have been waiting for. We encourage you to act now. We truly look forward to hearing about your transformational healings and life changing experience.

Your Personal Health & Healing Retreat includes daily meditations, yoga, hands-on bodywork, musculoskeletal treatments & healing sessions, as well as professional health assessments, postural analysis, fully personalised meals & activities, and much more.


Our bodies retain information that we don’t even realize – from traumas to success to every-day habits – it is all ingrained within our cells. And for some of us that can also cause repetitive patterns of behaviour or thought and trapped memory of pain. Releasing this information from our cells can provide an incredibly powerful release of stress, fear and so many other emotions associated with kept trauma along with physical pain and mental patterns.

During your Retreat you will receive personalized healing and Bodywork daily and, according to your needs, often multiple times each day from your team of professional therapists to release tension patterns, old habits and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Massage, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Energetic therapies, Talk therapy, Hypnotherapy, Chakra balancing, EFT, Aromatherapy and Myofascial release are just some of the modalities that may be used to release your physical and non-physical structures.

The result? Relief from pain, thought and motor patterns to allow you to fully accept your body and mind as a whole and create sustainable, lasting health moving forward.


So much more than just nutrition, during your Retreat you will experience foods that are prepared specifically for your body. Utilising your updated ph360 food list, your foods are prepared fresh daily with strict attention to your highly ranked Foods to Eat.

Your whole dining experience tailored to your body’s needs. From the climate to the company, the time of day to the preparation of food items – all personalized for you.


It’s not just something you receive, you learn from the whole experience and how to incorporate your personalized dining into your own every-day life. From dining out to family dinners, recognising the simplicity of the dining that makes you feel your best empowers you to break old habits with ease.

All meals are prepared by your own personal chef, prepared fresh for you and specifically to your body’s unique requirements.

Moving Your Body

Knowing how you naturally move your body is the very beginning. Your Personalized Health Retreat walks you through, motion-by-motion, the way to exercise and keep physically active that suits you and your body right now – and as you change into the future. Physical activity should be an enjoyable experience. Your activity is all tailored to the motions that your body is naturally inclined to do – keeping you engaged and motivated to continue.

Your activity practice is a daily focus, and because this is personal we will meet your current activity level – don’t worry you are in safe hands. This enjoyable and fun experience may range from breathing


techniques and tai chi to explosive intervals and weight training according to your own personal health status.The specific time of day, your skill level and training goals, intensity and injury management are all considered in your personalized daily session. There is no “Boot Camp” for everyone. Your daily activity is tailored to what your body needs right now.

One-on-one professional instruction allows you to experience how your body should feel before, during and after your exercise. And the skill to incorporate activity into your daily life is now yours with our unique training.


Your Perfect Place

Your Personal Health & Healing Retreat takes place in one of our stunning settings around the world, steeped in culture and known for healing. Choose the location and time of year that suits you best.

At every retreat you will find yourself immersed in luxurious surroundings, with our full-time staff at your service for anything you need throughout your entire stay. Meditation area, healing grounds, workshop and treatment areas are all on-site, so you can rest easy knowing your team are right there with you for support at all times.


Inclusions: As specialists in Personalized Health & Healing, we organise your Retreat experience specifically for you. You will become part of a small group of individuals becoming empowered to live to your full potential. Your 7-night Retreat experience includes the following:

  • All personalized dining from the evening of day 1 to time of departure
  • All accommodation expenses at the Retreat
  • All professional BodyWork therapy
  • All learning, integration and experience sessions
  • All assessments, reviews, updates and personalized integration of your PH360 plan
  • All organised activities during your Retreat


Extras: To ensure that we concentrate solely on your Personal Health & Healing Retreat experience, the following logistics are not included:

  • Travel to and from the Retreat
  • Local gratuities where appropriate
  • Travel Insurances

What to Expect on your retreat

Welcoming your courage

  • Arrive at the Retreat (Retreat commences 2pm local time).
  • Refreshments & Comfort.
  • Welcome and overview of your week: Creating a retreat schedule personalized to you – what time to rise, relax, move, eat, play, plan, think & sleep.
  • Discovering your reward system.
  • Epigenetics and You: What can you do to improve your current and future health?
  • Group Intention and Healing Initiation Ceremony: Drawing powerful healing into your realm.
  • Fun activities and interaction sessions.
  • Personalized Relaxation, Healing and Meditation

Intention to cleanse

  • Musculoskeletal assessment and My Ideal Physical Activity: Find out what type of movement and activity is right for you now, how to do it correctly and why it will benefit you and your goals.
  • Daily activities, movement classes, Personalized therapeutic hands on healing/treatment, and relaxation sessions.
  • Meeting My Mind: Analyzing your MIND results – Unravel how your mind works and how using your MIND insights can assist you to decrease stress, understand why you do things the way you do and how you can integrate your strengths into your daily life and relationships.
  • Group Intention and Healing Ceremony: Connect with Water – Dance the ebb and flow and the powerful surge in the spirit of water.
  • Fun activities and interaction sessions.
  • Personalized Relaxation, Healing and Meditation.

Fuelling your body with boundless energy

  • Daily activities, movement classes, Personalized therapeutic hands on healing/treatment, and relaxation sessions.
  • Eating For Me: Understanding why your food is right for you. Using ph360 yourself. Learn how to prioritize and update your current recommendations. Discover the real facts about the type and quality of foods as well as the foods themselves. The easy way to create your meals and eat out with friends.
  • Group Intention and Healing Ceremony: Earth connection – Grounding and feeling the Earth spirit support.Personalized Relaxation, Healing and Meditation.

Finding your place of passion

  • Daily activities, movement classes, Personalized therapeutic hands on healing/treatment, and relaxation sessions.
  • Creating My Haven: Drawing together the possibilities for your optimal environment and creating this in every day life and work. Incorporate rejuvenation into your daily habits and create your healing routine and affirmations.
  • Group Intention and Healing Ceremony: Connecting with Fire – Fuelling your passions with the raging spirit of fire.
  • Personalized Relaxation, Healing and Meditation.

Finding your purpose driven lifestyle

  • Daily activities, movement classes, Personalized therapeutic hands on healing/treatment, and relaxation sessions.
  • Intensive Coach-led ph360 analysis.
  • Using My Natural Gifts: Recognize your natural talents and how integrating these can enhance your daily life, health and healing. Learn to adapt your present circumstances to yield greater abundance through the use of your strengths and allies.
  • Purpose driven lifestyle: Finding your Flow, releasing wasteful and unnecessary energies.
  • Group Intention and Healing Ceremony:
  • Fun activities and interaction sessions.
  • Personalized Relaxation, Healing and Meditation.

Meaningful paths and processes

  • Daily activities, movement classes, Personalized therapeutic hands on healing/treatment, and relaxation sessions.
  • Consolidating Purpose: Begin to know the why and what of your time here. Understand the meaningfulness behind your existence and how you can achieve the path and goals set before you.
  • Eating For Me: Preparing and cooking foods for me, others and all of us together. Feel the joy and healing of eating what is right and how you can share that with your community.
  • Group Intention and Healing Ceremony: Air connection – Breathe the healing light through the spirit of Air.
  • Fun activities and interaction sessions.
  • Personalized Relaxation, Healing and Meditation.

Creating your support sphere

  • Daily activities, movement classes, Personalized therapeutic hands on healing/treatment, and relaxation sessions.
  • Creating your future support network: Learn how to stay connected and aligned with your purpose and pure loving intention as you return to your every day life.
  • An Energizing Social Circle: Uncover just how uniquely perfect you are and why. Finally understand your responses and reactions and those of the people around you. Learn how to embrace your natural tendencies to create healthy, meaningful and stress-free relationships.
  • Group Intention and Healing Ceremony: Spirit connection – Connecting all elements of the earth and your soul together in the ether
  • Fun activities and interaction sessions.
  • Personalized Relaxation, Healing and Meditation.

Forward intention

  • The first day of the rest of your life.
  • Finding Flow: Your energies have been grounded, whisked, burned and washed clean, realigned with your purpose for you to live once more with the power of pure intention. Now is your time.
  • Group Intention, Healing Connection & Farewell Ceremony: Staying connected to the power within and without.
  • Retreat Farewell 12pm noon.

Intense Immersion Limited positions available

Limited positions are available on this retreat of healing and transformation specialists. An opportunity like this may only come once, so if it is your time, please go ahead and book your place… Your opportunity to achieve the true potential of your connected body, mind and soul.


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