Numinatus Spiritual Quests

If you are ready to explore ancient places, spaces & energetics while connecting with your unique gifts and abilities in spiritual immersion then welcome to the Numinatus Spiritual Quest! 

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A Spiritual Quest is actively searching for meaning and purpose in life, to become a more self-aware and enlightened person, and to find answers to life's mysteries and 'big questions'.

Numinatus believes the best way to learn more about our spiritual nature is through personal experiences. Reading, studying, and searching are definitely valuable to our spiritual growth and understandings, but more is to be gained and understood through full immersion in the spiritual environment.

We invite you to watch our upcoming Ancient Egypt discovery webinar below to learn more.

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The Numinatus Spiritual Quest is a great way to learn more about yourself and spiritual lands, cultures and spiritual practices while enjoying the safety and support of a group experience. Numinatus gathers like minds and offers outlets and events for people to travel, explore, and find answers to life’s big questions together.

Get your questions answered by those who have travelled down the journey you are on, who have already experienced what is to come in the same journey you are on, those who are maybe a little further down the path and can provide insight, guidance, assistance, support, confirmation and inspiration for you and most importantly who can ensure you are loved along your journey.

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Come with an open mind and open heart, and be prepared for deep connection, intriguing conversation, divine experiences, and amazing transformation. We will be returning to the core of ancient human culture and the powerful energetics that resulted in many unrivalled "man-made" creations still unexplained by today's science.  

You will receive the full itinerary from your Quest coordinator upon application, or email for more information.

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The Numinatus Spiritual Quests are for those who feel called to connect deeper on a spiritual level both personally and universally. Maybe you have felt a compelling urge to help people throughout your life, and never knew what that meant. Maybe you’ve always felt you are here for a bigger purpose, but didn't know what it was. Maybe you are aware of certain gifts that you may already have, or aware that you may have gifts but don't know what they are and want to explore this further. And maybe you are just intrigued with ancient history and want to explore this in depth with a connected group.

So if you are between the age of 21 and 80 we can't wait to meet you and assist you on this incredible spiritual journey!

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Locations & Dates

Our Spiritual Quest for 2017 will be held in Ancient Egypt from August 20th-30th, 2017. Please apply to attend via the form below and invite your fellow spiritual warriors to spread the word - we are so excited for you to join our amazing community and can't wait to meet you all!!

Itinerary for Ancient Egypt

TBC upon application

Cost (& inclusions/exclusions)

The Spiritual Quest is all inclusive for 10 days, 9 nights including all meals, accommodation, workshops, healings and group experiences as well as local travel within Egypt. The total cost is $2,997 USD. This does not include insurances, visas, personal expenses or gratuities, or travel to/from Cairo.

Travel & Accommodation

You are responsible for your own travel to/from the Quest destination. For our upcoming Ancient Egypt Quest, this is Cairo. We advise you book your travel and insurances (strongly recommended) via a licensed travel agent and take note of any travel warnings at your own discretion (we will not be liable nor advise you here). You will need to book your own accommodation the night before the Quest in the hotel provided to you by your travel coordinator (or nearby). During the Quest, all accommodation will be covered. Upon completion of the Quest, your accommodation, life choices and next steps are completely in your hands! Once you have applied and been accepted into our Spiritual Quest community, you will be added to our private Facebook group where you can request travel companions, advice or driving buddies, depending on the Quest location 🙂

What should I bring on a Quest?

Please bring your camera, journal, any snacks and an open heart and mind. Your Quest coordinator will liaise with you on any additional particulars according to your location, such as sunscreen, bug spray, toiletries, flip-flops for the showers, sleeping sheets/bags, etc. Please note these are mixed-gender experiences.

Quest Liaison

Upon successful application, you will receive a welcome email from your Quest coordinator. If you have any further questions between now and then, please reach out to our incredible Quest team at Thank you!!

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We strive to ensure the purest vibration of individuals walking alongside us on our divine journeys, for the benefit of us all. As such, we require you to apply to join our community so we can get to know who you are. We only accept a strictly limited number of people to attend each Quest, and we will always endeavour to maintain the purest and highest presence of those that will walk alongside you.

We can't wait to meet you and welcome you into our loving, caring and supportive family!

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