Imagine a place where how you looked, how you felt, how you acted or what you thought didn't matter. A place where you were free to be yourself. A place where you were supported in every way no matter what. A place where you could explore your mind, your talents, your spirit to get in flow and connect effortlessly with those around you. A place to laugh, smile, sing, dance, and celebrate being alive. A place to make new friends, hear good jokes, eat great food, move your body, and get all your questions answered. Welcome to YouthFest. Sign up below for FREE right now, and tell your friends too!

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If you have ever wondered why you look different to everyone else, then come. If you have ever wondered why you think different to those around you, then come. If you have ever felt like you are different, unique, or special, then come. This is where you get to find out why. And realise how you unique and special you really are. Click the form below to join for FREE now, and share it with your friends on Facebook. We can't wait to meet you all!

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YouthFest is for anyone aged between 13-20 years of age who wants to have fun, meet new friends, learn more about their body and their mind, and discover the secrets of a long and happy life. We welcome you to invite your parents to join us as volunteers and please invite all your friends on Facebook so we can have a big celebration with many new friends!

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YouthFest has been created with the intent of integrating magical live experiences with divine intervention. Please see our exciting schedule below:

10am: Welcome & Opening Ceremony

1030am: Dynamic Wellness (part 1)

1130am: Morning Break

1145am: The Power of Your Mind

1245pm: Lunch break

145pm: Your Unique Body

245pm: Afternoon Break

3pm: Connection & Oneness

4pm: Conclude for the day

10am: Welcome & Intro

1030am: Dynamic Wellness (part 2)

1130am: Morning Break

1145am: Emotional Intelligence

1245pm: Lunch break

145pm: Mt Batur Hot Springs

4pm: Closing Ceremony

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Where is it held?

YouthFest 2017 will be held at Wow Batur amidst the incredible healing energy of the active volcano Mount Batur, Bali. This powerful energetic location boasts the integration of ancient cultures, traditions and religions with the modern curiosity and intrigue of natural connection, enlightenment and the intergenerational knowlege and spirit. Click here for directions to Wow Batur via our Facebook group. We can't wait to see you there!

When is it?

YouthFest 2017 runs from Jan 14-15th, 2017, commencing at 10am and concluding at 4pm local time each day. For more information on the daily schedule, please see above 🙂

Can I invite others?

The intention of YouthFest is to gather many youth in the same physical location to facilitate the most fun and dynamic experience possible. We invite you and encourage you to invite as many of your friends and family that will benefit from being in this safe learning space full of fun, laughter and friendship. So YES, bring your friends!!

I want to help, can I join the team?

If you are a parent, facilitator or healer from any culture, religion, background, or training modality and feel called to be of service to our festival we would LOVE to hear from you! Please get in touch with us via We cannot run this festival without the incredible, passionate, heart-centered friends that all come together to turn this dream into a reality, so please join us and invite your fellow givers to join us too!

How do I get there?

YouthFest will be offering free buses from most central areas in Bali, so please email us at if you require transport. To make your own way to Wow Batur, please click here for directions and instructions. We also recommend checking websites in your local area for up-to-date travel information and recommendations regarding any other logistics, insurances and protection you may need.

What should I bring?

Please bring yourself, an open mind and a big fat smile. Water and a light lunch will be provided but please also bring your own water and snacks for during the day. Due to the exclusive location, food will not be easily accessible for purchase so please plan ahead. Please also bring appropriate clothing/attire for sunshine or rain (daily weather can be unpredictable) and anything else you need to ensure your comfort and warmth throughout the day. Please be aware you are fully responsible for your own medical management.

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Please click below to apply to join us right now! Hurry, places are limited and we are expecting a sell-out crowd for YouthFest so act now to avoid disappointment!! We look forward to meeting you and your loved ones there soon!

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